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Academic VP Named
Michael Young, who studies the biological clocks of fruit flies, may need to adjust his own biological clock this spring. In March, Young will make room in his schedule to become vice president for academic affairs.
“Rockefeller University has never been stronger,” says Young, head of the Laboratory of Genetics, explaining his decision to accept President Paul Nurse’s request and to take on the new responsibilities. “It will be exciting to work closely with Paul and my faculty colleagues to plan the university’s next 10 years.”
Young will set aside his activities in various committees and task forces, but isn’t scaling back his research. “Science is still the primary reason I’m at Rockefeller,” he says.
Since becoming president last fall, Nurse has met with the heads of nearly every major laboratory at Rockefeller. “When I asked which faculty member would best serve as VP for Academic Affairs, I heard Mike’s name over and over. He has the respect of everyone as a scientist, leader, mentor and ‘citizen’ of the university,” Nurse says.
Among Young’s new responsibilities: guiding and mentoring tenure track faculty; strengthening research infrastructure; assisting the president with scientific planning and operations; and assuming overall responsibility for colloquia, lectures and seminars that serve the community.

January 30, 2004



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