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Logo and Color Palette

Below are general usage guidelines for the approved university logo, tagline and color palette, as well as several versions of downloadable logos. These logos cannot be modified.

More detailed guidelines for the university's visual identity can be found in the Graphic Standards manual. If you would like a complete copy of the guidelines, please contact the university's Print Production Specialist, Kelly McLees, at x8969 or


Color Palette

The Rockefeller University color palette is comprised of two primary colors and nine secondary colors. The logo is always PMS 294 for the seal and PMS Warm Gray 11 for the tagline. If only one color can be used to reproduce the seal and tagline, they can then both be either PMS 294 or PMS Warm Gray 11. The seal and tagline may also be printed in Black or dropped out of a dark background. The PMS colors and their closest RGB counterparts (for Web use) are below.

Note: Colors will vary by monitor and color printer.


PMS 294
RGB: #003469
PMS Warm Gray 11
RGB: #675C53


PMS 1807
RGB: #9E3039
PMS 570
RGB: #85CEA9
PMS 159
RGB: #C75B12
PMS 457
RGB: #B19401
PMS 278
PMS 5205
RGB: #89687C
PMS 4525
RGB: #D3C57D
PMS 3425
RGB: #005232
PMS 609
RGB: #F5F585