2012 Teacher Curriculum Development Workshops

The most important goal of the weekly Teacher Curriculum Development Workshop is to help teachers translate their summer experience into activities they can bring back to their classrooms. At these meetings, SRP teachers, with support from lab heads, the Director of Outreach, graduate students, and PhDs in education, will work together to develop engaging, hands-on, materials. The goal will be to not only produce outstanding curricula, but also to enhance the teachers' curriculum development skills.




TBM #1

Introduction to the weekly Teacher Curriculum Development Workshop:: Discuss labs, mentors, seminars, and expectations. Outline the progression of the Teacher Curriculum Development Workshops. Teachers present "best practices" (i.e. one of the favorite hands-on activities that they do with their students). Teachers are introduced to a variety of science enrichment programs including:

  • SMART Teams
  • Genetic barcoding
  • iGEM
  • Phage Hunting
  • Science Olympiad

Prepare to share "Best Practices."

TBM #2

Begin to formulate lab experience to develop over the summer: teachers will work on creative ways to translate their summer experiences into original, hands-on lab experiences for students.

Think about how to translate your lab experience into hands-on lab experiences for your students.

TBM #3

Work on rough idea for hands-on lab and begin to formulate a more finished product: Teachers will work with Lauren Birney PH.D. (Pace University) on curriculum/lab development to ensure they are pedagogically sound.

Begin to refine and hone lab/curriculum.

TBM #4

Start to work out the lab protocols with the help of Rockefeller University graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Bring in rough draft of lab protocols and be prepared to ask questions to refine procedures.

TBM #5

Continue to develop the lab and begin to develop materials to accompany it. Present your work to the group.

Finish writing the lab and test it.

TBM #6

Fine tune the lab and finish developing materials to accompany it. Members of Science House will be present to make videos to help teachers share their work with the broader teacher community.

Write script outline so a video can be made to share labs with a broader community.

TBM #7

Poster Session!

Finish poster and turn in all curriculum to be posted on the SRP website.