2012 Proposal for Teacher Action Plan

Up to $1,000 is awarded to Summer Science Research Program teachers to purchase materials to translate their summer experience into hands-on classroom activities. Teachers will work throughout the summer, and as a group in the weekly Teacher Curriculum Development Workshop, to design labs and curricula that draw from their summer research experience. Teachers will submit a written proposal describing how they plan to implement their newly developed materials and present it during the final Teacher Curriculum Development Workshop.

Teachers will be assisted in the process of developing their teaching materials by a Ph.D. in education, researchers from Rockefeller University, and the Director of Science Outreach. At the end of the summer, the developed materials will be shared with a broader audience of teachers by making it available on the internet.

The written proposal will consist of two sections: Rationale and Budget.

Describe the lab/curriculum you have developed (include a copy of the lab/curriculum). Explain what role your plan will play in your class.

Itemize the materials you will need to bring your activities into your classroom. Only supplies and equipment expenses can be reimbursed. The budget can be for any amount up to $1,000. Your proposal must be signed by you and either your department chairperson or principal.

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