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Purchasing Responsibilities

I. General Responsibilities

Individuals acting on behalf of the University in the procurement of goods and services have a responsibility to the University and to the suppliers with whom they do business. This responsibility includes complying with the University Code of Conduct and the Conflict of Interest Policy Governing Business Practices.

The responsibility to the University is to apply undivided attention to the best interests of the University. This requires avoiding situations wherein personal gain may be attained from a supplier to the detriment of the University.

The responsibility to the supplier is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to fair and ethical treatment of all vendors/contractors who are either currently providing goods/services to the University or who express an interest in doing business with the University.

There responsibilities pertain not only to the purchasing agents in the Purchasing Department, but also to other individuals at the University who are in any way involved in the competitive procurement process (e.g., individuals who define specifications, evaluate suppliers, or who otherwise influence the buying decision).

Only those individuals to whom authority has specifically been delegated by the president are authorized to commit University funds for materials, equipment, supplies and services. If you have any uncertainty regarding whether you are so authorized, consult with the Director of Materials Management & CPO.

II. The Purchasing Department

III. Heads of Laboratory and Administrative Departments

Heads of Laboratory and Administrative Departments have the following responsibilities: