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Procurement Policies and Procedures

Nature of Procurement Transactions

All procurement transactions should, to the maximum extent possible, provide for open, free and fair competition, minimize procurement-related risks, and ensure internal control and accountability. The following University guidelines help provide for a fair and compliant purchasing program:

  • All Purchasing Department personnel must be alert to possible organizational conflicts of interest or non-competitive practices among contractors. Vendors suspected of improper business practices will be investigated by the Office of the Director of Materials Management & CPO. Any vendor shown to be in violation of University policies or business compliance policies, shall be removed from the list of active vendors approved for conduct of business with the University.
  • Solicitation for bids, Requests for Proposal, Requests for Quotation, and award actions should set forth all the University's requirements clearly and explicitly for the vendor(s). See the section on "Solicitation of bids and quotations."
  • Awards made in response to solicitations shall be made to the vendor/contractor whose bid/offer is most advantageous to the University when price, service, reliability and other factors are all considered.
  • Any vendor that has been selected by the University to engage in procurement transactions must accept the University credit reference application for net (30) days remittance for goods and services.
  • To be approved as a vendor/contractor to the University, the vendor/contractor must also submit, as required by University Risk Management, (a) certification of appropriate types and levels of insurance listing the University as additionally insured and a certificate holder and (b) a fully executed statement of indemnification for the University. A full description of this requirement is provided in the Purchasing Policy, Vendor Certificates of Insurance and Statements of Indemnification. Failure by a vendor/contractor to comply with these requirements may result in the suspension or termination of the vendor's/contractor's ability to conduct business with the University. If such a suspension or termination with a vendor/contractor does occur, the Purchasing Department will notify the Laboratory(ies) or Department(s) that request products or services from the vendor/contractor. Working with the appropriate departments, the Purchasing Department will endeavor to identify and select a new vendor for the products or services as quickly as possible.