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Procurement Policies and Procedures


Only certain University officials are authorized to bind the University by contract for the procurement of goods or services. If you are unsure whether you are authorized to sign a contract, contact the Director of Materials Management & CPO or the Office of General Counsel.

A written contract is required when the business arrangement is for services and annual payments are expected to exceed $100,000.

Written contracts should be considered and may be required for business arrangements with annual payments expected to be less than $100,000. These arrangements should be reviewed by the Purchasing Department, the Finance Office, and the Office of General Counsel.

The Purchasing Department, the Office of Research Administration and the Office of General Counsel will coordinate, as appropriate, to ensure contractor compliance with procurement terms and timely follow-up of all purchases.

All written contracts should include:

  • A clear description of the services or goods to be provided;
  • The cost of the services (or goods), including hourly rates and maximum amount authorized by the contract;
  • Ownership rights of the deliverable, particularly for software applications;
  • Start and completion dates of the service, if applicable;
  • Billing requirements;
  • Documentation and/or reports that are required from the consultant/vendor;
  • For software application contracts, what documentation will be provided and who will be responsible for the maintenance of the application;
  • Insurance and indemnification expectations;
  • Provisions that will allow for administrative, contractual or legal remedies for instances in which contractors violate or breach contract terms;
  • Suitable provisions for termination by the University including the manner by which termination will be effected and the settlement. In addition, such contracts should describe conditions under which the contract may be terminated because of circumstances beyond the control of the contractor or the University.