Procurement Policies and Procedures

Computer Orders for Personal Use

As a courtesy to the community and in accordance with Higher Education Pricing Program offered by Apple (Apple Price List), Lenovo, and Dell, the purchase of one personal computer per year by any RU faculty, student or staff member is allowed through the Purchasing Department.  Personal purchases of any other commodities are not permitted.

The Purchasing Department will process computer accessory and software orders provided they are made out to the same vendor and on the same purchase order as the computer.  Subsequent additional accessories and software  must be purchased by the individual and may not be purchased through Purchasing.

Price lists are available from the Purchasing Office.  A copy of the relevant page may be made in the office.   However, if the entire price list is to be copied, the individual must copy it elsewhere and return it to Purchasing immediately.

A deposit of one half of the total cost of the purchase order is required upon issue of a P.O. The individual must bring the purchase order and the check to the Cashier's office and obtain a receipt.

The purchase order and a copy of the receipt must be brought back to Purchasing.

The balance of the total charge is due upon arrival of the order.

The Purchasing Department is not responsible for expediting any personal computer order.  It is the  individual's responsibility to resolve any errors in shipment or problem with the order.

Purchasing will provide the name of the customer service person to contact at the companies in case of order problems.

Inquiries regarding computer purchases should be directed to