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The Society of General Physiologists is an organization made up of 1,000 career scientists throughout the world, who work independently at their own universities and in commercial laboratories. The mission of the Society is to promote interdisciplinary research and education into how living organisms function. The Society fosters communication among career scientists in the field of general and cellular physiology and researchers in many other related areas. Our primary venue for accomplishing this goal is our Annual Meeting and Symposium held each fall in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Regular membership in the Society is open to any individual actively interested in the field of general physiology and who has made significant contributions to knowledge in the field. Fee for Regular membership is $55 per year.

Young Investigator membership is available to any student who is working toward a doctoral degree in the field of general physiology, or who has earned his/her highest degree in this field within the past six years. Fee for Young Investigator membership is $27.50. The term for Young Investigator membership may not exceed five years.

Emeritus membership is available to retired physiologists at no cost.

Members receive a reduced rate for registration at the Annual Meeting as well as the right to sponsor poster presentations, which are printed in abstract form in the Journal of General Physiology (in order to be eligible for the member registration rate at the Annual Meeting, you must submit your membership application ( click to download the form now) by February 1 of the meeting year ). Our small size has allowed us to maintain a relatively informal atmosphere at our Annual Meeting, increasing the opportunity for candid discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Members are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentation at the Annual Symposium on any topic in the field of general physiology. Recent topics presented include: Lipid Signaling in Physiology (2004), The Biology of Chloride (2003), Trafficking of Transporters (2002), Molecular Motors (2001), Structures and Mechanisms of Channels and Transport Proteins (2000), New Optical Methods in Cell Physiology (1999), Local Calcium Signaling in Cell Physiology (1998).

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows attending the Annual Meeting may be eligible for a ( Symposium Award from the Society to help defray the cost of attendance. Candidates must submit a (Symposium Award Application form ( click to download the form now).

The Journal of General Physiology is the publication of the Society of General Physiologists. The Journal of General Physiology publishes original articles that elucidate basic biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms of broad physiological significance. The Journal is published monthly by Rockefeller University Press; the on-line version is free to Society members and the printed version is available at a substantially reduced rate.

Member dues and journal subscriptions are invoiced in October of the preceding year; full payment is due by January 1. Additional mailings sent to paid members include: Fall Newsletter, October; Call for Papers for Annual Meeting, February; Spring Newsletter and Voting Ballot, April; Annual Meeting and Symposium Program and Abstracts, August; Telephone Directory, autumn of every year.

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