Na,K-ATPase & related Cation Pumps:
Structures, Mechanisms, & Diseases

Schedule of Events

September 6-11, 2005, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
  David Gadsby, Rockefeller University
  Jack Kaplan, University of Illinois at Chicago
  Jerry Lingrel, University of Cincinnati Medical School

Wednesday, September 7

Symposium Session I: Atomic structure of cation pumps

Paul De Weer, Chair (University of Pennsylvania Medical School, USA Introductory remarks
Yuji Sugita (University of Tokyo, Japan) SR Ca-ATPase atomic structure and molecular dynamics simulations
Jesper Møller (University of Aarhus, Denmark) Structure and mechanism of SR Ca-ATPase
Steven Karlish (Weizmann Institute, Israel) Towards Na,K-ATPase structure

Symposium Session II: Cation binding sites

Jean-Daniel Horisberger, Chair (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) Introductory remarks
Peter Jørgensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Binding sites for Mg-ATP, and Na and K ions, in Na,K-ATPase
JoséArgüello (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA) Heavy metal binding sites in P-IB-type ATPases
Hans-Jürgen Apell (University of Konstanz, Germany) Binding sites and ion transport in P-type ATPases
Pablo Artigas (Rockefeller University, USA) Na,K-ATPase ion translocation pathway

Symposium Session III: Ion transport mechanisms

Luis Beaugé, Chair (Institute M y M Ferreira, Argentina) Introductory remarks
Giuseppe Inesi (University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA) Substrate, product, and gating in SR Ca-ATPase
Jens Peter Andersen (University of Aarhus, Denmark) Rapid kinetics, phosphoenzyme, and SR Ca-ATPase mechanism

Symposium Session IV: Cation pump subunit interactions

Kazuya Taniguchi, Chair (Hokkaido University, Japan) Introductory remarks
Ernst Bamberg (MPI Biophysics, Frankfurt, Germany) Subunit conformational dynamics of P-type ATPases
Jack Kaplan (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Subunit interactions and trafficking
Ayyappan Rajasekaran (University of California Los Angeles, USA) Na,K-ATPase in epithelial cell polarization


Thursday, September 8

Symposium Session V: Inherited dysfunction of cation pumps

Carolyn Slayman, Chair (Yale University School of Medicine) Introductory remarks
Kathy Sweadner (Massachusetts General Hospital, USA) Na,K-ATPase alpha subunit mutations in neurological disease
Rhoda Blostein (McGill University, Canada) Functional effects of Na,K-ATPase disease-associated mutations
Amy Moseley (University of Cincinnati Medical School, USA) Behavioral abnormalities in Na,K-ATPase haploinsufficient mice
Svetlana Lutsenko (Oregon Health and Science University, USA) Human Cu-ATPases in Menkes and Wilson diseases

Symposium Session VI: Late-breaking science

Speakers to be determined

Friday, September 9

Symposium Session VII: Regulation of cation pumps

FXYD proteins
Michael Caplan, Chair (Yale University School of Medicine, USA) Introductory remarks
Kathi Geering (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) Na,K-ATPase regulation by FXYD proteins
Flemming Cornelius (University of Aarhus, Denmark) FXYD/alpha interactions in Na,K-ATPase regulation
Haim Garty (Weizmann Institute, Israel) Na,K-ATPase regulation by FXYD proteins

Phospholamban and sarcolipin
Don Bers, Chair (Loyola University, USA) Introductory remarks
David MacLennan (University of Toronto, Canada) SR Ca-ATPase regulation by phospholamban and sarcolipin
David Thomas (University of Minnesota, USA) Molecular dynamics of SR Ca-ATPase regulation by phospholamban

Specific P-type ATPase inhibitors
Robert Farley, Chair (University of Southern California, USA) Introductory remarks
Jan Joep De Pont (Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences, Holland) Ouabain binding sites in Na,K-ATPase
George Sachs (University of California Los Angeles, USA) Inhibitor binding sites in H,K-ATPase

Receptor-mediated regulation
Carlos Pedemonte, Chair (University of Houston, USA) Introductory remarks
Alejandro Bertorello (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) GPCR signals and intracellular traffic of Na,K-ATPase

Saturday, September 10

Symposium Session VIII: Physiological roles of cation pumps
Mordecai Blaustein, Chair (University of Maryland, USA) Introductory remarks
Jerry Lingrel (University of Cincinnati Medical School, USA) Gene targeting of Na,K-ATPase alpha isoforms
Gary Shull (University of Cincinnati Medical School, USA) Gene targeting of Ca-transporting ATPases
J. Iasha Sznajder (University of Chicago, USA) Na,K-ATPase in lung edema clearance

There will be two formal poster-presentation sessions, one on Thursday afternoon and the other on Friday
afternoon. But posters will be available for viewing and informal discussion during the entire meeting, those of the
first session throughout Wednesday and Thursday, and those of the second session throughout Friday and Saturday.
The organizers expect to make adjustments to the scientific program, including selection of topics and speakers for
the late-breaking science session, after the receipt of abstracts in April.

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