Na,K-ATPase & related Cation Pumps:
Structures, Mechanisms, & Diseases

Poster Competition

The Society of General Physiologists will host its 2nd Annual Poster Competition at the 59th Annual Meeting and Symposium, "Na,K-ATPase & Related Cation Pumps: Structures, Mechanisms, & Diseases" from September 6-11, 2005. The SGP will award monetary prizes (Prizes, $500) to those students and postdocs who make the best poster presentations at the symposium. The Poster Competition will be held on Thursday and Friday during the regular poster sessions and awards will be presented at the Banquet on Saturday evening.

The following rules apply to anyone wishing to enter the Poster Competition:
  1. The Applicant must be an undergraduate/graduate student or a postdoc.

  2. The Applicant must be a member of the SGP ( click to download the form now)or have submitted a complete application for membership including the first year's dues payment by the April 15, 2005 submission deadline.

  3. The Applicant must be the first author on the abstract. If the Applicant is not the sole author, a mentor or faculty member must submit a statement verifying that the Applicant is the principal researcher.

  4. The Applicant must be the poster presenter.

  5. The Applicant must set up the poster for the entire poster session and also must be at the poster during designated times.

  6. By April 15, 2005, 12 midnight EST, the Applicant must send the Society Office:
  1. A completed Poster Competition Application Form ( click to download the form now)
  2. A completed Abstract Payment Form and $35 payment ( click to download the form now)
  3. A Cover Page including: Title; Author(s) and Presenter and full mailing address, telephone number and email address for each; School affiliation; and Project sponsors.
  4. A brief Summary, including at least 1-2 sentences on each of 5 criteria that will be used in evaluating the poster: 1). Significance of the problem, 2) Approach, 3) Innovative aspects (if any), 4) Contribution to the field, 5) Poster presentation.
  5. An electronic copy of the Abstract submission

Submit all materials to:
Society of General Physiologists, P.O. Box 257, Woods Hole, MA 02543-0257 U.S.A.
Fax: 508-540-0155; E-mail:

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