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Microtiter Plate Readers


Hammmatsu FDSS 6000 
Fluorescence Kinetics, calcium flux assays
384 compounds in 2-4 minutes

Perkin-ElmerTriLux (Scintillation and Luminescence) 
384 compounds in 30-40 minutes scintillation
384 compounds in 5 minutes luminescence

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro XL
Fluorescence Microscopic Imaging
384 compounds in 10-40 minutes

GE MicroCal iTC 200
Label-free measurement of binding using isothermal calorimetry

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Velo
Two color laser-based scanning imaging
384 compounds in 5-10 minutes.

Biotek Synergy NEO
Fluorescence polarization, time-gated fluorescence, prompt fluorescence, luminescence, alphascreen
384 compounds / 2 minutes with a monochromator-based optical system and a dual reagent dispenser for kinetic assays.

LICOR Odyssey SA
A LICOR Odyssey SA is an infrared laser scanning instrument that allows for a quantitative determination of antibody binding to western blots or to fixed cells in a microplate. The instrument is capable of reading 50, 384 well microplates in 90 minutes and can scan two colors simultaneously, thus allowing the introduction of normalization controls in every sample. The system has a much larger linear range than chemiluminescent systems typically used in such applications. This is a very useful instrument for measuring antigen expression in both cells and in purified samples.

 Hammmatsu FDSS 6000 Fluorescence Kinetics, calcium flux assays384 compounds in 2-4 minutesPerkin-ElmerTriLux (Scintillation and Luminescence) 384 compounds in 30-40 minutes scintil