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Automated Compound Archive

The Rockefeller University Compound Collection is stored as 10 to 15 copies of 5 millimolar solutions in DMSO, heat-sealed and barcoded 384-well small-volume polypropylene microtiter plates. At least 8 archival copies are stored at -27C in REVCO freezers with emergency power and the two working copies are stored at -20C in a HighRes Biosolutions NanoCell system. The NanoCell system is comprised of a Liconic dry-storage random access deep freezer, a 6-axis robotic arm, an automated heat-sealer and de-sealer, a NanoServe plate carousel and barcode reader. Cellario scheduling software allows the system to deliver library plates in short order.  The "working" copies of the library are used for a maximum of 10 freeze-thaw cycles. High-throughput cherry picking and serial dilution is accomplished with a Perkin-Elmer Janus automated pipette system capable of  selecting and arraying 1000 picks of 0.5 microliter of compound solution per day. Sample integrity of the library is periodically monitored by HPLC-MS of random samples.