The David Rockefeller Graduate Program


I went to two open houses at Rockefeller before enrolling, and the students overwhelmingly confirmed what I'd heard about it. I was drawn to the program's flexibility, and the fact that in such a tightly knit community, I'll have an opportunity to learn so much more than just my own field."

Class Profile

The incoming class of 2014 is made up of 25 students:

  • 14 men, 11 women
  • 17 US citizens, 8 international students
  • Thirteen students are beginning graduate school straight from their undergraduate or Master's degree studies. Twelve others spent time working, traveling or teaching before beginning graduate school.
  • There are eight countries represented in the first year class (Bulgaria, China, India, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Turkey and the United States). Thirty-five countries are represented in the graduate program overall.