The David Rockefeller Graduate Program


I'm in a very particular field, and though there is an incredible diversity of people and fields at Rockefeller, you never feel like you're lost in a crowd. There are many opportunities to get to know people in other fields and not only learn from them but even contribute to their work in return. The collaborative spirit is alive and well here."

Class Profile

The incoming class of 2013 is made up of 24 students:

  • 13 men, 11 women
  • 17 US citizens, 7 international students
  • Fifteen students are beginning graduate school straight from their undergraduate studies. Nine others spent time working, traveling or completing Master's degrees before beginning graduate school.
  • There are six countries represented in the first year class (China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Turkey and the United States). Thirty-three countries are represented in the graduate program overall.