The David Rockefeller Graduate Program


I'm in a very particular field, and though there is an incredible diversity of people and fields at Rockefeller, you never feel like you're lost in a crowd. There are many opportunities to get to know people in other fields and not only learn from them but even contribute to their work in return. The collaborative spirit is alive and well here."

Financial Support

Students in the Ph.D. program are guaranteed full financial support, including tuition, stipend and a research budget. This arrangement relieves students of financial concerns and also allows them to select a laboratory without the complication of considering the lab’s budget. For the academic year 2014–15, the stipend is $36,000. Students are expected to engage full time in advanced study and research (university policy does not permit students to accept activities for compensation). Students are strongly encouraged to apply for appropriate fellowships; these will be supplemented by the university to the current stipend level, plus $5,000 in the case of competitively awarded fellowships.

The university also supplies each student with an independent research allowance. During the first year, the research allowance is $2,500. In the second through fifth year, the amount is $1,500 annually. Students may use these funds toward the purchase of a computer, reading material or research-related supplies or for travel to attend scientific meetings.

In addition, Rockefeller students and their families have the option to be covered by comprehensive health, dental and vision plans at the university’s expense (coverage for domestic partnership may incur imputed income costs).