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Fanconi Anemia Mutation Consortium Guidelines

  1. The Consortium will establish and maintain a database of all mutations and polymorphisms in the known Fanconi anemia genes.
  2. Membership will be open to all who agree to abide by the rules regarding the use and acknowledgement of data provided by the Consortium.
  3. Members will be encouraged to submit data before or at least at the time of submission for publication. Clinical diagnostic laboratories are encouraged to submit data for each Fanconi anemia patient diagnosed. The data may include novel mutations or polymorphisms, population data, or technical data regarding mutation detection. Data entry will be accepted by electronic mail and deposited in the database after checking by the Curator or Consortium editors.
  4. Credit for novel discoveries such as new mutations or particular population associations will be based on the date of electronic submission of the data to the Consortium editors. Consortium members retain the right to publish data which they contributed without prior consultation with the Consortium.
  5. Consortium data should be treated as a privileged communication which should not be disseminated without the consent of the Consortium. Oral or written communications must acknowledge the Consortium as the source of the data, and give credit to the group who originally provided the data.
  6. The Consortium may decide to publish pooled data when appropriate. Papers may cite the Consortium as the "author", or may be multi-author publications with authorship status dependent on the contribution of the participating groups.
  7. The Consortium will not accept responsibility for inappropriate diagnostic use of the data, or for diagnostic errors which might result from use of the data. We have used all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information displayed on these pages and contained in the databases is of high quality. We make no warranty, express or implied, as to its accuracy or that the information is fit for a particular purpose, and will not be held responsible for any consequences arising out of any inaccuracies or omissions. Individuals, organizations and companies which use this database do so on the understanding that no liability whatsoever either direct or indirect shall rest upon the curator(s) or any of their employees or agents for the effects of any product, process or method that may be produced or adopted by any part, notwithstanding that the formulation of such product, process or method may be based upon information here provided.

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