The Use of EMRC

First and foremost, please contact us, Kunihiro Uryu ( if you are planning to have EM work done.

A discussion prior to your experiment will make your experiments more effective and meaningful. The staff is highly experienced in processing various biological samples, including tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, viruses and subcellular fractions for morphologic analysis by electron microscopy.

A wide variety of services are provided. EMRC provides full service (you "drop-off" your samples) or, depending on your interest and the nature of your work, technical support so that you can do your own work with our support. We offer you support in planning of experiments, training in sample preparation, use of equipment and data analysis. EM is a highly sophisticated tool, and we encourage you to master it. All necessary support and assistance are available.


Transmission Electron Micrograms of beta-amyloid filaments, with negative staining (above) and with combination of immuno-gold labeling and negative staining (Eleana Sphicas of Rockefeller University and J.V. Ravetch)