For Our Communities


Our communities are very diverse and include not only populations that benefit from our research but also potential communities we have not met yet. Our Communities also includes those served by our partnerships. Through Community Engagement and Community Engaged Research we collaborate with our communities.

The Rockefeller University's mission represents a commitment to conducting research that contributes to scientific and medical knowledge, and has health impact for individuals, communities and for the public at large.

Some examples of discoveries at Rockefeller with benefits for improving health include:

Clinical Discoveries Basic Science Discoveries
Development of the AIDS "cocktail" drug therapy (HAART) Discovery that DNA is the basic material for heredity
Development of the methadone treatment as an effective therapy for heroin addiction Isolation of the first successful test of natural antibiotics
Development of meningitis vaccines used to fight epidemics around the world Discovery of an obesity gene and the weight regulating hormone leptin
Discovery of a treatment for psoriasis Recognition that cancer can be caused by a virus

More recent initiatives involving investigators in the Center for Clinical and Translational Science, which directly affect health, include:

  • Obesity research:
  • Comparison of different diet approaches to weight loss
  • Comparison of the effect of diet on health, even without weight loss
  • Hepatitis C: Research to understand how hepatitis C affects the immune system
  • HIV: Development of new approaches to HIV vaccines