ACCTS Subcommittees

Subcommittees for the Advisory Committee for Clinical and Translational Science (ACCTS)

Biomedical Informatics
Edward Barbour, Co-Chair
Rhonda Kost
Alexander Lash (MSKCC)
Barbara O'Sullivan
Sarah Schlesinger
Research Study Design and Biostatistics
Emil Gotschlich, Co-Chair
Knut Wittkowski, Co-Chair
Mayte Suárez-Fariñas
Research Education, Training, and Career Development
Sarah Schlesinger, Chair
Edward Barbour
Barry Coller
Emily Harms (Assistant Dean; Dean Designee)
James Krueger
Maija Williams
Community Engagement and Recruitment
Peter Holt, Co-Chair
Rhonda G. Kost, Co-Chair
Jeanne Garbarino
Andrea Leinberger-Jabari
Jonathan Tobin
Maija Williams
Participant and Clinical Interaction Resources
Martin Markowitz, Co-Chair
Barbara O'Sullivan, Co-Chair
Johanne Andersen
Edward Barbour
Rita Devine
Andrea Ronning
Cindy Seidman
Maija Williams
Protection of Human Subjects, Regulatory Issues, and GCP
James Krueger, Co-Chair
Rhonda Kost, Co-Chair
Johanne Andersen
Edward Barbour
Donna Brassil
Gila Budescu
Pat Gilleaudeau
Jeanne Walker
Oversight of Pilot and Collaborative Translational and Clinical Studies
James Krueger, Chair
Daniel Mucida
Neil Renwick
Charles Rice
Sarah Schlesinger
Maija Williams
Oversight of Core Scientific Resources
Jean-Laurent Casanova, Co-Chair
Mary Jeanne Kreek
Daniel Levine
Technology Transfer and Private Sector Partnering
Teresa Solomon, Chair
Kathleen Denis
Daniel Levine