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Green Tip of the Month: Rockefeller Recycles


Tons of waste
The campus produces over 1,900 tons of waste each year, in seven different waste streams, including biohazard, radioactive, food service, trash and recycling.


Recyclables captured
Rockefeller recycles paper, plastic, glass, metal and alkaline batteries, collected in bins all over campus. For toner cartridges, fluorescent light bulbs and electronics, contact the Custodial department to arrange for a pick up.


Read the signs
The university is improving the clarity of signage on collection bins. Adhering to the guidelines prevents recyclables from being ruined by moisture or food, or from being lost when thrown in with the trash. Sorting waste properly saves the university money, too, by keeping trash out of expensive biohazard streams and recyclables out of costly trash collection.

Did You Know?


Recycled metal cans are remanufactured and returned to store shelves in as little as 60 days.