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Green Tip of the Month: Rockefeller Recycles Update


Improving recycling
Since the debut of the Rockefeller Recycles video in April 2012 and the improvement of signage on campus recycling bins, the university has generated an additional 30 cubic feet of recyclables each week. However, the amount of waste generated has not changed. Thus, Rockefeller is recycling more, but not diverting much trash from the refuse stream.  


Campus collection
There are about 180 recycling bins located on campus which accept paper, plastic, glass and metal. You can also recycle your alkaline batteries and plastic bags from home at designated bins on campus. To recycle computers and other electronics, contact IT to sanitize hard drives containing sensitive data, and then arrange pick up with Custodial. Custodial will also pick up toner cartridges and fluorescent light bulbs for recycling.  


Reduce and reuse
In addition to recycling, reducing consumption and reusing items are also great ways to conserve energy and resources. Avoid disposable products whenever possible—opt for alternatives like reusable pipette tip boxes and refillable pens. The blank sides of old printouts can be repurposed as notepaper before recycling them, too.  

Did You Know?

Conserving Electricity

Only about 25% of the 2.37 million tons of e-waste discarded each year in the United States is collected for recycling.