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Green Tip of the Month: Fascination of Plants Day


Essential eukaryotes
Comprising approximately 250,000 different species, the plant kingdom is vital to life on Earth. That's why the European Plant Science Organization has designated May 18, 2012 as the first Fascination of Plants Day.


Get personal
Time spent around plants, indoors or outdoors, elevates mood, reduces stress and boosts productivity. Place a plant in the home, office or lab or visit a park or botanical garden to open a connection to nature. For a broader impact, volunteer at a community garden or park or join a group that works to protect natural areas, indigenous species and biodiversity, like a garden club or horticultural society.


Rockefeller's gardens
Foliage is bountiful on campus. There are approximately 370 individual trees from over 40 different species and numerous shrubs from about 50 species. And, there are about a dozen different ground cover vines. Check out the Rockefeller tree map and identify some specimens while strolling on campus.

Did You Know?


Currently, 135 drugs on the market are derived directly from plants, including Taxol, used in cancer treatment and the antiviral Tamiflu.