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Green Tip of the Month: Pipette Tip Box Recycling Program


What the program entails
Beginning in November, Rockefeller will implement a pipette tip box recycling program through Glasswashing Services, in conjunction with Action Carting and Fisher Scientific, on a 6-month trial basis. The University will cover the cost to recycle these boxes during the trial phase, which is being conducted to evaluate the costeffectiveness of and interest in the program. More lab participation boosts program cost-effectiveness, so participation is encouraged!


How to recycle the boxes
Only clean empty boxes will be accepted for recycling. If Glasswashing already services your lab, they will pick up the boxes in the lab at least once a week. Other labs may participate by dropping the boxes into the clearly-marked bin outside of the Glasswashing facility on the C level of the Greenberg Building.


Reduce, whenever possible
The Rockefeller Storeroom also stocks stackable trays of pipette tips for placement in reusable boxes as an alternative to pipette tips packaged in individual boxes. Choosing this option further reduces waste, whether it is discarded in the trash or recycled.

Did You Know?

University labs ordered approximately 16,500 boxes of pipette tips (disposable plastic tools used to transport small, measured volumes of liquid) through Purchasing during fiscal year 2012.