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Green Tip of the Month: Green Campus


Enjoy the campus greenery
A single tree can produce 260 pounds of oxygen in a year, which is enough to sustain a family of four people. Trees that provide shade to your home will cut down on fossil fuels consumed for indoor cooling during the warm summer months. The roots of plants also help keep soil in place, which is especially helpful on Rockefeller’s sloping campus.


Bring the outdoors in
Indoor plants remove up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds — formaldehyde and benzene, for example, which are found in everyday items like rugs and paint. Some air-purifying plants are the spider plant, English ivy and philodendron. The Boston fern helps humidify dry air. Plus, studies show that having plants in the office can increase productivity.


Have you hugged a tree today?
April 25 is National Arbor Day. Rockefeller is home to nearly 40 species of tree — 370 trees total — and numerous shrubs from about 50 species. Check out the Rockefeller Tree Map to see the locations of our many trees. And don’t forget Earth Day! It’s on April 22.

Did You Know?

Battery Recycling

The oldest two trees on campus are the American Linden trees in front of Founder’s Hall, which were planted in 1905.