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Green Tip of the Month: Energy Conservation Reminders


Shut the Sash
An open fume hood expends energy as the exhaust fan clears the air. Leaving a three-foot fume hood wide open wastes approximately $2,250 per year in energy costs. Multiplied by around 60 of them on campus and that’s $144,000; and for about 100 four-foot hoods, at approximately $3,000 each, that’s $318,000 in wasted energy costs. Closing the sash when the hood is not in use helps the university offset nearly 8,000 kWh of electricity per day. Even just lowering the sash to the height of the certification sticker saves energy.  


Use revolving doors
When a swinging door is used, a large and uncontrolled amount of cooled air escapes and is replaced by warm air from outside. The energy expended to cool this air again, approximately 267 BTUs, is equivalent to 1.3 hours of light from a desk lamp, 4.3 hours of light from a compact fluorescent bulb and the fuel to propel a car .06 miles. Revolving doors allow for much less air exchange and fuel use, and save up to 30% in energy costs.  

Did You Know?

Conserving Electricity

As much as eight times the amount of air is exchanged when using a swinging door versus a revolving door.