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Green Tip of the Month: Summer Conservation


Cool wisely
Use room or ceiling fans whenever possible and close blinds to keep the sun out. If you need to use an air-conditioner, turn the thermostat to 78° F or higher and use the "energy saver" feature to maintain the temperature. Turn the unit off when the space is not occupied (at home or in the office/lab). And, clean or replace the filter every month to maximize air flow.


Reduce water usage
Summer often brings water shortages and droughts. Conserve water indoors by turning off the faucet while brushing teeth, using a (fully-loaded) dishwasher instead of doing dishes by hand and setting the washing machine water level to match the size of the load. Outdoors, water lawns and gardens in the evening after sunset to prevent evaporation and check hoses for water wasting leaks.


Cut consumption
Keep a fully stocked fridge to prevent the air inside from warming up too fast when the door is opened. Wash clothes in cold water and line dry them whenever possible. Unplug appliances, electronics and chargers when not in use.

Did You Know?

Energy Star

Appliances bearing the ENERGY STAR seal reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by inefficient use of energy. Products which have earned the label are not only energy efficient, but also meet standards for performance, features and comfort.

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